Tokan Trading Corporation

We are expanding business activities with the motto tosupply safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly products such as package materials,
equipment and machine parts,petroleum products,etc., and are endeavoring to supply superb products respondingto the requirements of local communities.
Through the sales of products and supply of services, we are anxious to strengthen the mutual trust relationship with our customers sccording to the company creed.

Can openers

It is our Opener's feature that metal dust does not fall inside the can during opening because it cuts the outside of the seaming wall of the can end.

Detergents and disinfectants
・Alkali/acid detergents for CIP,additives and deodorizer
・Detergents for the oil dregs and adherent suspended matter
(metallic soap)of retort kilns and pasteurizers

Metal material
As a member of Toyo Seikan Group,Tokan Trading Corporation deals in various kinds of materials for beveragecans,food cans,food cans and PET bottles which group companies manufacture.
The main materials which Tokan Trading Corporation handles are hot coils for tinplate production,PET film laminated steels for beverage cans and food cans,PET resins for bottles,etc.


MRO(Factory supplies)
MRO is abbreviation for Maintenance,Repair and Operation.
MRO is a general term for the products which are indispensable in manufacturing at factories and sales activies at offices.
They include such goods as machine parts,electric parts and tools etc.
at factories;papers of copier,toner cartridges, offices.

QC support equipment
・Seam band measuring system
・Preform nozzle measuring device
・Tab orientation device
Seaming machinery
Various types of seamer
(production speed:5 cpm-2,000 cpm)
are available in accordance with the customer demands.

Functional materials
We supply liquefied petroleum gas for fuel,various kinds of naphtha-derivative solvents,
synthetic resin,and band films for resin materials.

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